Analyzing Automated Design Results

In the SewerGEMS model attached, the Automated Design has designed upstream conduits (CO-36) and the first branch (MH-470 to MH-147) with high slopes (but between allowable min and max defined in Design Constraints).
Considering minimum cover is 6th priority of automated design priorities. The software was not limited with fist 5 considerations. Why did not it design -at least- the first conduits (and branch) with lower slopes? It could be designed with minimum slope (0.0041 m/m for 200mm Rise) to reach minimum cover due to considering 6th priority without contravention priorities before it.
Meanwhile it has to be said if Max Slope constraint becomes lower (e.g. equal to Min Slope constraint), then designed slopes will be modified. But according to Help document (Design Priorities), it has to be done automatically without matching constraints. 
Thank you very much.
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