Exporting profiles to .DXF files in watergems connect edition


I'm working with Watergems Connect Edition update 1 and I'd like to export profiles as DXF, but there isn't any option for that. I also read the article related to this topic, but it didn't help. (https://communities.bentley.com/products/hydraulics___hydrology/w/hydraulics_and_hydrology__wiki/7829/exporting-profiles-to-dxf-files).

I have attached two pictures showing there isn't any option for DXF export. I'd appreciate it if you could help me with it. if this functions isn't available in this version, could anyone suggest other ways to export profiles to dxf?

  • Hello Maryam, 

    Export profile to DXF option is available for storm-sewer products and not for water products. Wiki referenced by you is applicable for storm-sewer products only.

    Exporting profiles to .DXF files

    Profiles from water products like WaterGEMS can be exported into formats like PDF or image file formats and not DXF. 

    Could you please explain your requirement to export to DXF here? We could add a feature request if required to enhance the product capabilities. 


    Sushma Choure

    Bentley Technical Suppport

    Answer Verified By: Maryam Mohamadizad