WaterCAD Control Issue

I am trying to create control sets for multiple scenarios in WaterCAD. When I select a control description from the list of controls and when I try to select the control sets manager to either edit control sets or control sets, watercad is closing. same issue while exporting to INP file.

Can you please help me with this issue!

  • Hello Rosh, 

    Is this happening for a particular model or for all the models? Was it working fine before? Did you make any changes in model after which you are experiencing this crash? 

    Could you please try editing controls in sample model - Example 4, C:\Program Files (x86)\Bentley\WaterCAD\Samples, to see if that crashes as well? 

    What version of WaterCAD you are using? 

    It could be possible that one of the supporting files became corrupt, please try following. 

    • Compact database, File>Database utilities>Compact Database
    • Copy only .sqlite & .wtg.sqlite files to a new folder and open model from new location.
    • File>Import>WaterCAD Database into a new file.

    If this does not help,then upload model files for our review. 

    Sharing model files


    Sushma Choure

    Bentley Technical Suppport

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