Hydropneumatic tank ratio of losses calculations

Dear All,

I have a problem in specifying the ratio of losses for an air vessel item, i have an air vessel with an outlet nozzle diameter 400 mm installed with a 150 mm bypass to limit the maximum transient pressure in the rising main. my specific question is as follow,

the ratio of losses field description states that "for same flow magnitude. ratio of inflow head loss to outflow loss. default value is 2.5". i made calculations for the inflow and the outflow nozzle head losses and head losses coefficients ( k ). and found that if that the ratio of head loss will be around 70 while the ratio of head loss coefficient is around 2.5..

Is this field should be the ratio of head loss coefficient? or the ratio of head loss only, meaning: shall i divide the k coefficient of the inflow and outflow or shall i divide the head loss itself between the inflow and the outflow? specially that the minor loss coefficient (outflow)  field is a head loss coefficient not a head loss value by my understanding.

i hope my question is clear. 

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