network is not capturing the full flow from the catchments


I have an issue with my Hydraulic Model.

I have analysed my model with two different approaches.

  1. For Catchbasins I used Full Capture type in Inlet option. Dimensions are 0.6mX0.6m.

              Used user-defined gutter-> Conventional-> Max Gutter depth 0


  1. Defined a catch basin with same dimensions in Inlet catalog and used it. Also defined gutter in catalog.

            Used max gutter depth 0.06 m in this case(global edit in Catchbasin FlexTables)

Now the issue is, in second case it looks like the network is not capturing the full flow from the catchments. I checked the total flow from catchment contributing to a pipe and checked the flow in the pipe, they are not matching. In case 1 its matching.

I want to know if I had done a mistake. Please help me through this.

Case 1 Images:

Case 2 Images:

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