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Time history for the hydropneumatic tank

Dear Sirs,

I'm looking for tool in Hammer which makes the graph on the Figure below. It shows flow during the time in and out from hydropneumatic tank HT. It is taken from the materials from paper of Bentley.

And if my version 8i has this tool, is there an option to see the current volume in the HT?

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  • Which volume is given in the second column on Figure 2 and 3, after calculation based on initial conditions?

    It is the volume of gas in the tank - when the tank is connected to the system and subjected to system pressure, the gas/air in the tank compresses to the size that you see in the first row of those reports. If your tank is the "air in bladder" type, then it is the volume of air inside the bladder during the transient simulation and if it is the "water in bladder" type, it is the volume of air outside the bladder (but in the tank). There are illustrations in the article previously mentioned to show the difference. 


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