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Hi, i like to thanks for ur responding,  it real work and helpful. I have project taking water from spring and flowing by gravity up to my proposed storage problem is velocity in my garvity main in very large than recommended!!! When i try to increase pipe diameter velocity also increase and flow and vice versa so how can i control this, is anyway can i command flow???

  • If the spring is significantly higher than the tank, then you may need a control valve to reduce the pressure and control flow. Usually, a PRV would be adequate but you may also want to use a TCV with controls such that when the tank gets full it shuts off and when it drops to some lower level, it opens.

    To decrease flow, you can use a smaller pipe which will increase head loss since the head available is essentially fixed.

    If there is a great deal of excess head, you may even want to recover energy with a turbine.

  • Gadama Kulwa,

    Just to support Dr. Walski's comments, here is a Wiki Article - Modeling Reference - Valve Closure.

    Let us know if this helps resolve your issue.