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Legend (size of text)


I have run across the same problem as a person previously posting on this forum ( Although I checked your suggestions, my problem was not solved. I don't think it was solved for him either.

The issue is with the legend (particularly the size of text).

I'm ok with the legend regarding the diameter (pipes) but the text for the pressure (junctions) is unreadable. And yes I have looked at:

- Scaling the legend (it increases both the size of the icon and text so it's not solving my problem)

- Tools -> Options -> Drawings

- Checking the properties of element symbology

But in the end nothing works.

Here are the set-ups I have used?

Any specific suggestions as to how I can get the legend right for the junctions (i.e. the text size).

Thank you,


  • Hello Vincent,

    I tried this in a sample model and was able to reproduce this. This is happening because the "text" associated with the color colding legend is not scaled in respect to the color coding size. For example if you choose the option of "Color and Size" and enter a size of "5" for (say) pressure above 10 m of H2O, then the "text" accompanying the sized up color coding in the legend is not at the size of "5" or equivalent to it.

    The solution to this would be to enter sizes less than "1". For example, for the pressure color coding you can use "1" as the highest (in place of 5 or whichever is the highest number in the size column) and then use values like 0.9, 0.8, 0.7 etc. for lower sizes. See the below snapshot from the sample I tested;


    I have even used the "Above Range Size" value as 1.1 to be slightly above 1. The result can be seen as below;

    At a "scaled" version of the index, I can see the text clearly and in conjunction with the color coding.

    Let me know if this helps.


    Yashodhan Joshi