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Where is the Pond Routing Calculations (Total Out) report?

I am trying to generate a report from Pond Pack (CONNECT Edition Update 2) called Pond Routing Calculations (Total Out), see attached image.  I cannot find the report anywhere in the report builder.  Can anyone point me in the right direction?  I tried recreating it with flextables, but it doesn't look right.  Thank you for reading and your time.

Mike Tuter

  • Hey Mike,

    In Report Builder, reports are made available based partially on the types of elements in your model.  So you must have some component placed in the model where you ran the Pond Routing Calculations (Total Out) report that is not present in your current model.

    Compare the contents of the two models to see if you can tell which components are different between the two that might cause the Pond Routing Calculations (Total Out) report to be available in the other model but not in this one.

    Also, look in the Properties of the Pond at the Pond Type that is defined.  Different Pond Types can also cause different report options to be available.

    We might need to see a copy of your model - you can use the instructions in this Wiki article to upload a copy to our Sharefile server.

    Thanks Mike,