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H&H-WaterGEMS has stopped working error

I am trying to create pump controls in my model, but when I open the control window I get an error message of "H&H WaterGEMS stopped working." I sent the error log but have not heard anything to resolve this issue. I tried restarting the program, saving the file under a new name, and restarting my device but nothing seemed to fix it. It only occurs with two of the models I am working on, the others have been operating fine. I am using version and was not having this issue yesterday while working on the model. If you could offer some guidance I would appreciate it.

  • Hello Elizabeth,

    Is it possible to share the crash log here with us? When the window appears “H&H WaterGEMS has stopped working”, click on the small button below (a diamond shaped icon will be there on this button) and generate the crash log file. It may open in a Notepad application. Save this to a separate location and share it with us.

    You can share the model files (.wtg and .wtg.sqlite) and the crash log with us for testing. See the article below for sharing files over the forum;

    Sharing Hydraulic Model Files on the OpenFlows | Hydraulics & Hydrology Forum

    Please let us know the name of the model files and the crash log when you upload them.


    Yashodhan Joshi

    Bentley Technical Support

  • Hi Elizabeth,

    We were able to reproduce the error with your  model, and we know the cause of the issue.  We have logged this as a Defect and can provide you a Patch when available (soon).  Please send me a private message so that we can get your company information and add you to the Defect.

    In the meantime, we have a workaround.

    1. Open the Controls dialog. You will continue to get the "Stopped Working" message as we go through this - please just close it.
    2. Using the screengrabs as a guide, delete all of the pump references on both the Conditions Tab and Action Tab that show <none> or <deleted>.


    Save your model.

    Your controls dialog should now display without crashing.

    Please reply back as to the status of the issue after removing the lines above.

    Thanks Elizabeth,