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Water Quality (Constituent) Analysis for a proposed water distribution network


I am looking for a standard procedure for determining the bulk reaction rate to undertake a water quality (constituent) analysis.  I understand from the AWDM book and other literature that the procedure entails sampling water from the source through bottle tests and making chlorine tests every day and plotting the results on a semi-log chart to get the bulk reaction rate value.  However, I need a detailed standard procedure with step-by-step instructions to send to the lab so that they make the tests accordingly and come up with the results.  I have made my research online and could not get hold of such a document.  I would highly appreciate your help in that regard.

I would also appreciate any help regarding any empirical equation to determine the wall reaction rate, as I understand that it depends on specific factors such as pipe material, age, and other such considerations.

Thanks and best regards,

Amine Salameh

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