ModelBuilder - Feature Definition


I have follow up questions, hoping it's okay that I use this QnA. 

We need to input 200+ culverts and trying to streamline the process with model builder. However, the geombaseline & terrain is not being picked up. 

Also I just wanted to mention that the data I'm importing with Model Builder (into OR) is from a Flex Table. 

I attempted 2 methods: Referencing in the geom-baseline N4-6Y, and using the original dgn with N4-6Y geom-baseline.

Both unsuccessful. 

Data input 

I specifically want to give this node an Elevation & Baseline Feature Reference 

No feature def given as already specified in input 

Data not picked up 

Have to select Geom-baseline as a station offset, the offset is the only data (15.113) is remembered by node

I also have to reselect the terrain 

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