Is there a way to alter the pressure drop across a check valve?

Pressure at my check valve is 174 PSI and directly downstream of it is 103 PSI. Is there a way to change the dimensions of the check valve or to somehow reduce the pressure drop across it?

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  • I just don't see how the pump would be showing a discharge pressure of 174 PSI and would change to 159 PSI as soon as I reversed the nodes on the check valve.

    Was the 174 psi seen when the check valve was closed due to the incorrect orientation? If so, that would seem to suggest that your pump was pumping against a closed check valve and would be operating at the shut off head. 

    Generally speaking there are a great deal of things that can impact the pressure. It could be a calibration problem (see tips here) where something in the model does not match the field conditions (like demands, element status or pipe roughness), or it could be due to a data entry problem (bad physical parameter entered, wrong orientation, wrong status, problematic controls, etc). 

    When looking at pressure, one thing to keep in mind is that the pressure is relative to the node elevation (the pressure of water above the reference elevation). So, it is usually better to compare hydraulic grade, in case there is uncertainty in the node elevation, or which elevation the field measurement was taken from. For example the pressure may have been read at ground elevation but the model could be assuming actual pipe elevations (though in that case you would see model pressures higher than measured pressures). See more here.


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