PRV vs flow rate


Dear Bentley Team,

We need to calculate max flow going from tie in point (pressure is 6 barg ) to two tankers (pressure is atmospheric), & to control the pressure, we have provided control valve PRV with a flow coefficient of 702 l/s bar, as per calculation we are getting 1624 m3/hr, even thou we set the initial pressure value at different pressures it is showing same flow, i have attached file for your review please. 

And also we need to maintain some pressure like 1 bar or 2 bar downstream side of the PRV, where to provide this PRV set point on the model, that means PRV will give constant downstream pressure irrespective of upstream flow & pressure fluctuation. 

If we get any information how to model the PRV, FCV, PSV, TCV in waterGEMS then it will be helpful.