Water Level (min and max) in a Sealed Tank during Transient Event

I am modeling a valve closure event in HAMMER and would like to see the minimum and maximum water level in a sealed tank with bladder.

In the Results (Transient) section of the tank properties, those valves are shown as (N/A). What is the reason and how can I have the result section show those values?

The screenshot below shows what I am seeing.

  • Hi Parsa,

    HAMMER can only track the water level change in a hydropneumatic tank if it knows the physical dimensions. Set the tank's "Elevation Type" to "variable elevation" and define the variable elevation curve. The resulting volume from this curve should match what you entered in the "Volume (Tank)" field. When you re-compute, HAMMER should produce the max and min water level results you expected. You can also enter a number in the "report period" field and look at the Extended Node Data tab of the Transient Results Viewer to see time-series results including water level.

    This information is documented in the following article in our Wiki: Modeling Reference - Hydropneumatic Tanks


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