How do you export multiple minor loss coefficients into a library? They currently have no library source.

I need to export 100+ minor loss coefficients that do not have a current library source. Is there a way to do it other than individually one at a time?

  • My initial reaction is - Why would anyone need t import 100+ minor loss coefficients? What kind of application is this?

    Usually, minor losses as small unless you have a lot of short pipes with all kinds of bends and valve?

    From the snipit you posted, it looks as if you have duplicate entries. How different are these different entries?

    Part of the beauty of minor loss coefficients is that they are dimensionless such that you don't need different values for 4, 6, 8 , 10 in. pipes. There are small scale effects but they usually don't amount to much.

    If you really need to do this, it depends on what format your coefficient data is in.  You can use the file below (that should be on your computer) as an example of what WaterGEMS is looking for.


  • If you do really have a need to re-use 100+ minor loss coefficients in other models, another approach to consider is a seed file. If you have a model that already has all of the desired minor loss coefficients in the minor loss coefficients manager, you could remove all elements in the drawing, configure other parameters like units, standard symbology, etc, then go to File > Seed > Save to Seed. Then when you want to start a new model using these standards, instead of using the New button you would use File > Seed > New from Seed, then select your template seed file. See more: Seed file / Model Template


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