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StormCad symbology when using in Civil 3d

I am using StormCad Connect Edition for Civil 3d 2020. Is there a way to control the layer and other cad type symbology of the elements stormcad creates? For example everything is on layer 0 but I would like to move the catchments to a layer I can turn transparent.


  • Hi Brian,

    When integrated with AutoCAD, you can still use Element Symbology with the StormCAD elements. This is done from the "View (StormCAD)" ribbon > Symbology. For catchments you can use this to control the color. While you may be able to place StormCAD elements on other layers (using AutoCAD's functionality), the coloring may still be controlled by the StormCAD Element Symbology. Changing transparency with Element Symbology is available in the Standalone version as seen here.

    Howwever if you want to simply hide the catchments (for example to be able to better select other elements behind them), you can still do that in the StormCAD Element Symbology as well. This is done by unchecking the box next to Catchment in the Element Symbology manager. See the screenshot in this article.

    Note also that there are many CAD-related features in the Standalone version that may be able to accomplish what you need to do (as an alternative to using the AutoCAD integrated version). See more here: CAD Functionality in Standalone as an Alternative to AutoCAD or MicroStation Integration


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