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Migrate information from SewerGEMS to ArcGIS

Good day
I was modeling a storm sewer and a sanitary sewer in SewerGEMS V8 and it happens that the entity is asking me to model directly from ArcGIS, I have the following doubts: The entity provided me with a file for WaterGEMS for ArcMAO 10.6, I was using version 10.5 and it was not compatible at the time of making the guide, so I installed
the version suggested by the entity. Can I migrate all the information that I have ready in SewerGEMS to ArcGIS in a more practical way, because I cannot find information
on the network as a guide for my case? I ask this because the guide that they provided explains how to start from zero to modeling and it is not useful in my case when
I have the advanced information at 70%.
I will be attentive to your answer
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