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I am trying to do a simulation in OpenFlows only with tide forcing. I have used the Global tidal solution for coastal hydrodynamics with the file generated by FES2014.

But this simulation only works with a Timestep 60 (s) or less . If I Increase this value I get a error (65) Floating invalid.

Is it related with the FES2014 data? Is there another way to increse this Timestep? 

Thank you for your attention.

  • Hi Leidy,

    The time step (for OpenFlows FLOOD MOHID Water engine for coastal applications) is defined by the user (and maintaned constant during the simulation. It must comply with the convergence condition by Courant–Friedrichs–Lewy (CFL), which may be commonly known as the Courant number. 

    As MOHID Water uses a ADI (Alternating direction implicit) semi-implicit method it can handle Courant numbers higher than 1 (which is this the stability condition for explicit methods). This method is an advantage as (on top of being more precise than explicit methods) it allows for higher time steps. We recommend that you define a time step so that the Courant number is under 4. 

    The Courant number can be computed as equal to C x DT / dx, where DT is the time step (DT) which must be defined taking into account the computational grid cell size (dx) and shallow wave celerity (C) within the model domain. can be calculated as the square root of (Gravitational acceleration) times the maximum water depth in the model domain. 

    When you run a model simulation, during the initialization, the Courant number is computed by the model and written in the log file (the one you show in the image above) and should look something like this: 

    ---------------------- HYDRODYNAMICS ---------------------

    Courant Number is : 3.96559492246800
    In Grid Cell[i,j] : 60 1

    You need to check what Courant number you have in your simulation and reduce it to around 4, by reducing the time step (in the Model configuration file) - see below (note: the time step shown below is simply an example, you'll have to set your time step so that the Courant number is lower then 4.)

    If the error persists or you have any other questions or problems, I'll be glad to help. 

    Kind regards,

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