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Method to calculate tributary areas and flows in a sanitary sewer

Good Morning
I am modeling an existing sanitary sewer in sewergems and I have some doubts:
I am using Gvf-Convex, analyzing, the following happens and it is that I want to apply the tributary areas and successively calculate the flow with those areas.
I have worked in the following way: Having my topology adjusted I enter the subject of areas through the thiessen method, in the same way I enter with the LoadBuilder tool and select my 2 shapes that are Thiessen's and the perimeter with the value of the average daily flow in its attribute table and in this way I made the calculation of flows for the different areas.
My question is, is this correct way to work the flow rates or is there a better way to calculate it?

hydraulic model attachment

Modelo Hidráulico Tipo Alcantarillado Sanitario.rar