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Skelebrated Model as Alternative Scenario

I have a model to which I want to use Skelebrator Skeletonizer tool. I want to the Base Model as Scenario 1 and the Skelebrated Model as Scenario 2. I have attached the model for reference. I want to have both models in a single as 2 different scenarios.3250.Model.zipModel

  • Hello Akshay, 

    It appears that you want to merge these model into 1 model but with separate scenarios, if yes it can be done with the submodel import. 

    You can select base model as your main model, into that import another model as submodel ( File > Import >Submodel) which will create separate scenario, please make sure scenario names are different in both the model in that case. 

    Here are some rules to follow while performing submodel import, for your reference, please go through it. 

    Combining models with Submodel Import 

    About the models that you have uploaded, .wtg.sqlite files are also required to open the model (Its a database file), you only uploaded .wtg files.


    Sushma Choure

    Bentley Technical Suppport