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Problems when modeling an EPS engine aqueduct system

Dear Bentley Master

I am modeling an aqueduct system in 2 periods "EPS and Steady State"
In the first part, it is modeled with Steady State, solving the multiple errors presented in it.
In the second part it is modeled with EPS, I make the following configurations:

  • EPS motor selection
  • In Patterns, adjustment is made in the Hydraulic option

  • I make the adjustment in the Demand Control Center for the different Junctions of the system

  • I carry out the Control for the Set to use according to the pumps that I have in the system

  • In the alternatives, I modify in operational the creation of a child scenario with the selection of the created Set

Note: Making it clear that the system has 2 pumps that supply a tank, leaving only pump 1 activated. But the tank gets 2 more reservoirs.

I generate multiple errors such as:

Network Unbalanced.

Disconnected demand nodes detected; hydraulic results are likely to be compromised

Demands and is disconnected from a reservoir or tank during the analysis.
This error occurs multiple times. System disconnected because of pipe ta1153, this error could not be solved and I believe that one time solving it, the others will be fixed
My doubts are enough.

I would like with the help of a bentley teacher to solve the many problems that the model presents.

I already made different applications of solutions for Network Unbalanced but I can't find the solution.

Can I model a tank as represented in the model, 2 pumps, 2 reservoirs?
I have been able to review different forums, videos, supplied by the bentley team and I have not been able to find a solution. Attached model for your required solution.