Using WaterGEMS tools in WaterObjects.NET

Is it possible to use/call the various tools that are present in WaterGEMS through WaterObjects.NET? I'm mainly interested in the following tools:

- Reverse pipe

- Batch Morph

- Batch Pipe Split

I've already tried to reverse pipes in WaterObjects by interchanging the start and stop nodes of a pipe, and reversing the GeometryPoint[] variable of the pipe (vertices). This seems to work, however when I open the model, the check-valve icon of the pipe is still facing the wrong direction, this can be manualy fixed by updating the drawing though. Is it possible to call the update of the drawing through WaterObjects.NET? I could also separately program each step of the Batch Morph tool, but using the tool directly in WaterObjects.NET would be much easier...

The reverse pipe tool is mainly used to make sure the check-valve in the pipe is working in the correct direction. The batch morph tool will mainly be used to convert taps to junctions after which the batch pipe split tool is used to split the pipes. 

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