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Are arc support in the latest version of stormcad and sewergems?

Found line article. I am looking to import arcs as a background for a roadway. I am using a dgn. Is this possible yet?

DXF or Shapefile background not showing even with zoom extents - OpenFlows | Water Infrastructure Wiki - OpenFlows | Water Infrastructure - Bentley Communities

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  • Hello Brian,

    If I zoom in, I see something similar, at least using StormCAD standalone. This may be a decent approximation for modeling purposes. However, if there is some requirement where you need to display the background as an arc, could you use StormCAD for MicroStation instead of StormCAD standalone? If I open your DGN in StormCAD for MicroStation, it appears to display the arcs and this would allow you to add StormCAD elements similar to if you were loading the DGN as a background layer.



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