Exporting pipes shapefiles with downstream TCV information

It's there any way to export a pipe shapefiles with downstream TCV information? I need to export a shape that contains information of what TCV can close the flow to that pipe (Isolation Zones). We had an specific tool to export a shapefile with this information?  

  • Fabio, could you simply include the "Stop Node" field in the Pipe Flextable? That would have the label of the downstream TCV?

    Or, maybe you're not referring to the immediate downstream TCV but rather the name of closest upstream TCV that would isolate that valve? What if there are multiple valves that would need to be closed to isolate the pipe?

    Perhaps you would instead be interested in WaterGEMS' Criticality tool, which includes the "Critical Valves" feature described in more detail here:

    If this does not help, please tell us a bit more about what you are trying to accomplish, perhaps include a specific example.


    Jesse Dringoli
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  • Thanks Jesse! And yes, we have multiple valves that need to be closed to isolate some pipes.

    For the feedback, I pass TCV by TCV in my model and was checking all pipes that it's in a downstream using Trace Downstream... query, then i insert in a field what TCV it's associated to that pipe, like if we change the status of that TCV the flow in that pipe would be affectet somehow. I export the results to shape files and open in Qgis to create a simbology for those pipes:

    It's like Blue: TCV01,02 and 03..., Red: TCVs: 01,10,15... 


    I understand that the results will not match exactly with the field, but in this case we only have a vague idea of what TCV affects wich area, and now we have a clue of what to do.