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Multi Fire Flow

Is there way to run multi fire flow scenario in WaterCAD (let assume two fire at the same time) and those fire flow are not typical (one residential and the second industrial), the target is to know how much fire flow available at those to locations, I could do it in H2OMAP but I prefer to use WaterCAD and I am sure we can do it there but need some guide.

  • Is there a way we can do it in WaterCAD? I am pretty sure there is but I need some guide if anybody has done it before?

  • Hi Mohamad,

    You can create a new scenario and add, say, the industrial fire flow demand as a demand in that scenario. Then run the fire flow analysis for a residential fire demand and this will check all the nodes in your model (or a subset if you prefer) and tell you the available fire flow.

    We have also done some custom implementations for customers who have specific requirements (e.g. multiple hydrants can fight a fire as long as they are within a certain distance of each other). We used the WaterObjects.NET software development kit for this customization, and WaterCAD users who know how to develop software can use WaterObjects.NET too.




  • Thank you Mal.

    Regarding WaterObjects.NET, it seems interesting but I am not familiar what is it and what capability of this tool? if you would not mind to give us some introduction of it or if you have some literature about it, will be good to know.  

  • Mohamad,

    Waterobjects.NET is the API for Bentley's water products, allowing you to create tools that can directly access model data and manipulate as needed. Programming experience is required and you must be a member of the Bentley Developer Network. For more information, see the below Waterobjects.NET webpage:


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