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importing demands into an existing model from excel data

Is there a way to import demand data into an existing model?

I have an existing model with approximately 13,000 customers.  I've been trying to come up with a method of importing customer demands from meter read data via an excel file. We currently do not have any GIS data but will in the future.  I've tried using LoadBuilder but it appears you can only import shapefiles. 

My thought process is if I can somehow create a shapefile with customer locations and demand data, I can use Loadbuilder to assign those to nodes/pipes.

I have an excel file with customer meter read data.  The data includes meter reads over the past year which I've converted into a gpm unit.  I also have the x,y coordinate of each of the customers.

I've attempted to use ModelBuilder to build a model with the junctions with the assigned demands.  I've tried to map the fields to their appropriate properties.

ModelBuilder gets an error and says it cannot import the demands because it is a read only field.  I then used the Demand Control center to assign the demands to each customer by copying the data out of the excel file and pasting it into the demand control center.

This gets me to the step I cannot figure out.  Is there a way to export a model to a shapefile?

I thought I could create a Thiessen polygon with this information and use Loadbuilder to import but LoadBuilder wants a shape file for the Meter data which I don't have.

Maybe I'm going about this all wrong but have yet to find a way to accomplish what I want without a shapefile.


Any advice or ideas would be helpful.

 Thanks in advance





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