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Pattern (Demand )

Hi All, 

I am trying to create a scenario, in that, client requirement is to add fire demands at 6 location in the project site along with the Peak daily daily demand (PDD) flow. 

So, i added  fire demand (31.5 lps)  at selected 6 nodes in the network. but i was not able to get the fire flow pattern or user defined pattern. The pull down menu shows only the fixed pattern. the problem is,i am choosing the multiplication factor for PDD in the calculation option. while choosing this method ( mulitply all fixed demands by 1.5), fire flow demand are also multiplied by factor. i dint want that. i want only fixed demands to be multiplied and fire demands to be kept as such.

Previously i got these options in pattern (demand). but now i am not able find it and i dont know where it went wrong.   I am running the model in steady state analysis, version of SW is watergems v8i SS4

How can get the fire flow pattern and user defined pattern?

With Regards,

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