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Specifying the 'design time' in Darwin Designer

In a separate thread, Sachin (pixel123) asked the following question about Darwin Designer:

"Hello sir,

1. In the pressured flow design is it possible to design for specific PUMPING HOUR?, for ex- i have designed a network for perticular demand, for which i want to check amount of demand being satisfied for 16 and 20 hour pumping (individually). "

The answer is 'yes', this is certainly possible.

First you need an extended period simulation (EPS) scenario set up. Then in Darwin Designer you chose that at the Representative scenario on the 'Design Events' tab. Next, create 2 two new design events, and on the first set the 'Time from Start' to 16, and on the second set it to 20.  

Then Darwin Designer will make sure the design works for the flow in your system at both of these times.



Mal Sharkey