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Modeling Sewer Outfall Diffusers


I'm wondering if it is possible with SewerGEMS or WaterGEMS to model a WWTP outfall and diffusers?  It consists of a 90 m long outfall pipe, with a diffuser header and nozzles.  The diffuser header decreases length over the its length and there are 14 diffuser nozzles.  The diffuser nozzles will each be 100 mm in diameter and consist of approximately a 0.6 m long vertical riser with a 90 degree elbow to a circular port outlet.

I read another post about modeling a pumped outfall diffuser with WaterGEMS using emitter coefficients, but I don't think that will work for this situation.

Please help!



  • Since it sounds like this is all pressurized pipes, you should be able to create a reasonable approximation of your outfall with WaterGEMS.

    Using emitter coefficients is one way of doing it, or you could connect each diffuser nozzle to a reservoir element and set the reservoir water level equal to the level of the water body that you are discharging to.

    The model will probably be quite sensitive to minor losses, so you will need to pay attention when adding those to make sure it is done sensibly.

    Why don't you think emitter coefficients will work for this situation?




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  • Thanks Mal! Modeling it with reservoirs attached worked great!