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Meaning of Words


What does ‘GEMS’ (in WaterGEMS) & ‘i’ in ‘V8i’ & SELECTseries means?

Mark II

  • It originally stood for Geospatial Engineering and Modeling System. Nowadays it's just GEMS.

    Answer Verified By: Scott Kampa 

  • As far as the "i" in V8i goes...

    Bentley is the Leader of the “Infrastructure Market.” We understand it. We believe in it. We sustain it. We "ARE" infrastructure.

    V8i is the integrated, interoperable software portfolio for infrastructure professionals.

    And the "i" stands for "infrastructure." V8i is infrastructure software.

    At least that was the rationale in 2008 when it was announced. :)

    Answer Verified By: Scott Kampa