PondPack error: Unable to open user roster

  Applies To 
  Product(s): PondPack
  Version(s): V10
  Area:  Layout and Data Input

Error or Warning Message

In the legacy PondPack version 10, the following error message occurs when trying to open a model:

Runtime Error: Failed: CJetProjectManager::Can Compact
HJetDataConnection : Failed: CJetDataConnection::UserCount
Unable to open user roster

How to Avoid

This error message generally occurs when the file path for the model is too long. PondPack Version 10 and older has a limit on the length of the file path. If the path from the name of the drive to the file extension is over 112 characters, the error message is generated.

To resolve the issue, move the model to a shorter file path and or give it a shorter file name. The file should then open.

Please note that this issue will not occur with PondPack CONNECT Edition and PondPack V8i.

Note: it is strongly recommend that you upgrade to PondPack CONNECT Edition, as PondPack V10 and PondPack V8i are not supported on any operating system that Microsoft supports, and technical support will no longer be provided for pre-CONNECT Edition Bentley software.

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