Error when using TRex: No Matching Data: All elements in the model fall outside the scope of the DEM.

Applies To 
Product(s): WaterGEMS, WaterCAD, SewerGEMS, SewerCAD, CivilStorm, StormCAD, PondPack
Version(s): 10.00.XX.XX, 08.11.XX.XX
Area:  Layout and Data Input
Original Author: Terry Foster, Bentley Technical Support Group

Error or Warning Message

When attempting to use Terrain Extractor, the following error occurs:

No Matching Data

All elements in the model fall outside the scope of the DEM.

It is possible the spatial elements of the model and/or the units of the DEM are different from those that were chosen.

How to Avoid

1) Make sure you have node elements in the model. Trex only assigns elevations to existing nodes in the model based on where they overlap the contour.

2) Check to see if you are using the same unit in the TRex wizard as the one used in the input file (i.e. ft or m).

3) If the units are accurate, confirm that the spatial data for the file you are using to input for the elevation data falls in the same spatial coordinates as the model files. A good way to test this is to add the file you are using in TRex as a background layer. If the file does not line up with the model files when loaded as a background file, that means that the coordinates of the file you are using in TRex does not have the same coordinates as the model file. If that occurs, you will need to adjust the coordinate data file to match the coordinates of the model, or vice versa.

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