Modeling Curved Pipes

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How to

How can I create curved pipes?


The Bentley Hydraulic and Hydrology software does not have the ability to draw curved pipes using arcs and b-splines.

Steps to Accomplish

Curved pipes can be modeled with bends. The pipe will appear more curved with additional bends.

Option 1: Create bends while placing elements

There are two ways to add bends to a pipe while placing it.

  1. Right-click and select the Bend command.
  2. Hold down the [Ctrl] key.

Option 2: Create bends by importing with ModelBuilder

If you have the curve already drawn in a .DWG or .DXF file, you can use ModelBuilder to import the pipes and the bends will be created automatically.

Will bends change the length of the pipe?

Yes, when Drawing Mode is set to Scaled (Tools > Options > Drawing tab)

Will bends contribute to head loss?

In most cases the increased head loss due to the curvature is negligible. It is possible to increase the Manning's n value to account for extra head loss if you feel it is significant.

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