When I do a copy/paste of zones they do not show up in the flex table.

  Applies To 
  Product(s): Bentley WaterCAD
  Environment:  N/A
  Area:  Layout and Data Input
  Original Author: Terry Foster, Bentley Technical Support Group









The user has an Excel file with the zones for pipes and junctions in her model  When the user does a copy/paste from the Excel file to the flex table, the zones to not populate in the flex table.


Before you can add zones to nodes or pipes, the zones must be listed in the Zone Manager (Components > Zones).  

Steps to Accomplish

  1. Since the zones need to be listed in the Zone Manager prior to being added to the elements, you can go to Components > Zones and manually add them in.  If you have a very long list of zones, you can import the zones using the Zone table type in ModelBuilder.
  2. Once you have added the zones to the Zone Manager, you can use ModelBuilder to import the zones using the Excel file.