How do I activate a GEOPAK license inside StormCAD for MicroStation?

Applies To
Product(s): StormCAD
Version(s): 10.00.xx.xx, 08.11.xx.xx
Area: Installation
Original Author: Scott Kampa, Bentley Technical Support Group

Problem Description

How do I activate a GEOPAK license inside StormCAD for MicroStation?

The GEOPAK "applications" menu does not appear when opening StormCAD for MicroStation, so the Import/export GEOPAK menu items do not appear for StormCAD.

Steps to Resolve

Starting with the SELECTseries 2 release of GEOPAK, the Applications menu does not appear automatically. This needs to be available because GEOPAK needs to be activated in order for the import and export GEOPAK menu items to be available from the StormCAD menu.

This example below uses GEOPAK Select Series 2, so you should replace the 2 with whatever Select Series version of the software that you have. 

To fix this, you will need to add the -wsLoad_GEOPAK_SS#=1 switch to your StormCAD for MicroStation shortcut (where "#" is the SELECTseries number of your installed GEOPAK - SS2, SS3 or SS4):

1) Navigate to the StormCAD for MicroStation shortcut
2) Right-click on the shortcut and select Properties
3) In the “Target” field, scroll all the way to the right
4) Add a space and then enter “-wsLoad_GEOPAK_SS#=1” (the below example uses SS2, but it could be SS3 or SS4, depending on your GEOPAK version)

5) Click Apply, then OK. Then run the shortcut
6) Activate GEOPAK. Once this is complete the import/export GEOPAK menus should be available.

After everything is activated the menus should look like this:

This is the import menu

This is the export menu

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