When updating my pipes using modelbuilder there are a few pipes that reverse direction from the way that I set them. How can I fix this?

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Product(s): Bentley WaterGEMS
Environment: N/A
Area: Layout and Data Input
Original Author: Mark Pachlhofer, Bentley Technical Support Group








Problem Description

When updating my pipes using modelbuilder there are a few pipes that reverse direction from the way that I set them. How can I fix this?


This can happen if you are not using the 'Start' and 'Stop' field when updating your pipes because the software doesn't know the specific direction you want your pipes laid out if unless you specifically tell it. 

Steps to Resolve

  1. Open your pipe flextable and add the "Start Node" and "Stop Node" fields using the edit button
  2. Export your pipe table to a shapefile
  3. Add this shapefile to ArcMap and join the start and stop node columns to your pipes shapefile that you use for maintaining your GIS data.
  4. Now next time you use make sure to use your newly updated pipes shapefile that contains the start and stop node data and these appropriately in step 5 for modelbuilder.

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