Can a diversion be modeled in PondPack?

Product(s): PondPack
Version(s): CONNECT Edition, 08.11.xx.xx, 10.xx.xx.xx
Area: Modeling


Can a diversion be modeled in PondPack?


It is possible to model a diversion in PondPack. This way, flow will go primarily through the main composite outlet structure, with some flow going through the diversion.

If you know what the diversion structure will be (orifice, culvert, weir, etc), simply lay out a new Pond Outlet Entrance and Pond Outlet Link and configure a new Composite Outlet Structure for it.

If you do not know what the exact structure is, you will need to calculate the rating table for the diversion. With this rating table, you can then create a second outlet structure coming from the pond with a new composite outlet structure that uses the rating table for the diversion.

After computing the model, you should then have flow through both the main outlet structure and the diversion.

An example can be found at the following V8i location:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Bentley\PondPack8\Samples\Diverge.ppc

Or for CONNECT Edition

C:\Program Files (x86)\Bentley\PondPack\Samples\Diverge.ppc

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