Error when starting GEOPAK or InRoads with StormCAD installed

Product(s): StormCAD
Area: Installation


When trying to start GEOPAK or InRoads the user encounters this error:


System.InvalidOperationException: PlugInManager not yet initialized at Bentley.Civil.BCSystem.PlugInManager.get_Instance()

at Bentley.Civil.DomainModel.DomainModelManager.get_Instance()

at Bentley.Civil.Applications.Survey.SurveyAddin.RegiterWithCivilFramework_Early()

at Bentley.Civil.Applications.Survey.SurveyAddin.Run(String[]commandLine)

at Bentley.Civil.MicroStation.AddIn.CivilRun(String[] commandLine)

at Bentley.Civil.MicroStation.CivilBaseAddIn.Run(String[]commandLine)

at Bentley.MicroStation.AddIn.Load(String[] commandTail, IntPtmdlDesc)

Problem ID#: 95454,


Install version of StormCAD, as a workaround with the latest patch set.If this does not resolve the issue or a fix is needed for a later version please contact technical support.

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