Error when running Flushing analysis: Reference to a deleted or inactive element of interest

  Applies To 
  Product(s): WaterGEMS, WaterCAD
  Version(s): CONNECT Edition, V8i
  Area:  Modeling
  Original Author: Scott Kampa, Bentley Technical Support Group


When running a flushing analysis, the following user notification is generated:

"Reference to a deleted or inactive element of interest."


This issue is occurring because one or more pipe (or one or more node) is included in the flushing event is either inactive or has been deleted from the model.

Note that if you have inactive elements in the model and have chosen not to display them in the drawing pane (the "Display Inactive Topology" button is unchecked under File > Options), it is possible that a known issue caused a selection window to still select those inactive elements when the Pipe Set was established. This will be fixed in a future version - reference #627671.

To resolve this, open the Flushing manager under Analysis > Flushing. Selected the flushing area that is affected and go to the Options tab. Then selected the ellipsis ("...") button next to the Pipe Set collection field.

After selecting the ellipsis button, if there are pipes that are in the collection have are no longer in the model (that were deleted) , you will receive a message indicating this. Clicking Okay will remove the pipes.

If there are inactive elements in the list, you will need to locate and remove them. See note above about how inactive elements could have been included in the pipe set. To make things easier, consider clearing the selection, then re-selecting the elements with the "Display Inactive Topology" option (File > Options) checked, ensuring that inactive (typically defaulting to a gray color) are not selected.

After the deleted or inactive elements are removed, click the ellipsis button next to the Nodes of Interest collection and see if you get a similar message, stating that one node in the collection has been deleted. Clicking Okay will remove the node. Similar to Pipe Set, you may need to also review or re-select elements if there is a possibility that inactive elements are in the list.

When this is done, the collection for the Pipe Set and Nodes of Interest should be updated and accurate. Try rerunning the flushing analysis and the issue should no longer occur.

If the above dialog does not appear or if the software crashes, please try these steps:

(Reference # 761664)

Steps for CONNECT Edition:

1) Open the model and save it (in the new CONNECT Edition format)
2) Choose Tools > Database Utilities > Compact Database. Choose yes on the prompts.
3) Save the model
4) Open Flushing, click the Area/Zone in question, click the ellipsis button next to the pipe set
5) Click the select in drawing button, then click the green check mark > OK. The number of elements should now reflect the actual number (no longer including the deleted elements).

Steps for V8i SELECTseries 6, or if recreating the pipe set is acceptable:

1) Reopen the model, open Flushing, click the Area/Zone in question and click the ellipsis button next to the Pipe Set
2) Dismiss the error dialog with the "X"
3) Click the "cancel" button and dismiss the second error dialog that appears
4) Click "OK" - note that the pipe set now shows zero elements
5) Click the ellipsis button and re-select the pipes of interest. If you would like to select all pipes in the model, either use the pipes query, or draw a box around the entire model to select all.

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