Warning about outlet hydrograph not cresting

Product(s): Bentley PondPack
Version(s): 08.11.
Area: Output and Reporting


In pondpack, what does the following warning mean: " WARNING: Outflow hydrograph never crested (last ordinate= max outflow). "

Problem Number 31423


This means that a hydrograph at some point in your system never gets beyond a peak. Most likely it is getting truncated due to the storm duration. For example, if the rising limb of the hydrograph is still increasing at the end of the storm duration, it gets truncated before it ever peaks. You should look at the hydrographs for this point in the network. Note that sometimes this will occur during an overtopping situation, because the hydrograph may remain constant after the overtop and may not recede before the end of the simulation.

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