Difference between Scenario and Children Compute options in Scenario Manager

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  Original Author: Jesse Dringoli, Bentley Technical Support



What is the difference between the "Scenario" and "Children" options within the Compute button in the Scenario Manager?


When clicking the arrow next to the compute button in the Scenario manager, the "Scenario" option will compute the currently selected scenario, whereas the "Children..." option will compute all direct children of the currently selected scenario.

For example, consider the below scenario list, from Example4.wtg

If the "EPS167Optimized" scenario is selected and the "Children" option is selected in the Compute dropdown, the three scenarios that are direct children of that scenario will be computed in batch: "Calibrated Steady State", "Calibrated Static+Fire" and "Final Check (Fire+Static) - 1". On the other hand, if "EPS167Pattern" is selected, the "Children" compute option will only result in the scenario "EPS167Uniform" being computed, as it is the only direct child scenario.