User notification: The period between path histories has been increased by a factor of X to limit the number of path records to Y.

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Product(s): HAMMER
Version(s): CONNECT Edition, V8i
Area:  Output and Reporting
Original Author: Jesse Dringoli, Bentley Technical Support Group


Why do I get the following user notification?

"The period between path histories has been increased by a factor of X to limit the number of path records to Y."


Why does my profile animation in the Transient Results Viewer appear to have a less granular time increment when compared to Time Histories and the expected increment per the time step increment and reporting timestep set in the transient calculation options?


Starting with HAMMER CONNECT Edition Update 4, this limitation has been removed. This means that reporting time steps due to limitations on the size of the output file should not occur. You can update to the latest version of HAMMER using the steps in this link: Download OpenFlows / Water Infrastructure software.

In order versions of HAMMER, the reason you get this message is because HAMMER has a limitation on the amount of output data it can store for transient results. If the limit is exceeded, it automatically increases the report period, which reduces the amount of output data generated. This will impact the reporting in the Transient Analysis Detailed Report, as well as results in the Transient Results Viewer.

There are a couple of things you can try to resolve this issue. If you increase your calculation time step or change "Report Times" to "Periodically" (in the transient calculation options) and enter a high enough value, the message will no longer appear.

You can also decrease the number of report points. This is also done in the transient calculation options. For instance, if you have a large model and report all points in the model, this might generate the message. You could change Report Points field to "Selected Points" and enter only the important points in the model.

You can also change the field Report Point History Type "Only if on path." This can also reduce the amount of output information needed to be stored. Lastly, if there are any profiles that are unneeded, you can delete these.

The model will need to be recomputed after making these changes, but by decreasing the number of report points or increase the time step, you can often remove this message.

Note also that if you're using the slider bar at the top of the profile in the Transient Results Viewer, you may need to click the animation button to see all the increments. You can also adjust the frame rate in the Settings Button (just below the Profile tab) > Profile Options.

Note: The maximum and minimum results seen in the transient profiles, as well as the Properties grid and the element FlexTables, are calculated before the report period is applied. For this reason, the results you see are the accurate maximum and minimum values and are independent of the report time step used. 

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