Opening a Hydraulic Model in the ArcMap (ArcGIS) platform for the first time

Product(s): WaterGEMS, SewerGEMS, HAMMER
Version(s): CONNECT Edition, V8i
Area: Modeling



How to open a model in ArcGIS/ArcMAP for the first time?


1) Open WaterGEMS for ArcMap

2 ) Click the WaterGEMS V8i menu, choose "Project" > "Add Existing Project". 

Note: If you don't see this toolbar please navigate to this page"

3) Select your WaterGEMS model

4) Click the blue folder icon in the 'Attach Geodatabase' window to create a new geodatabase

This is necessary because WaterGEMS interacts with ArcMap through this separate personal geodatabase (.mdb file).

Note: ensure that you save a separate geodatabase MDB file in a safe location that will not be modified. For example "<modelname>GDB.mdb" in the same folder as the hydraulic model. Also, it is recommended that you always choose to create a separate MDB file rather than utilizing an existing geodatabase. See more about the geodatabase in the article linked to at the bottom of this page.

Optionally, ensure that you assign the correct coordinate system/spatial reference, before clicking OK in the 'Attach Geodatabase' window.

When you click the "Ok" button, the Table of Contents will be populated with the layers for WaterGEMS element types and your model should appear shortly after. You may need to use the zoom extents button or zoom to an element using the search button at the top of the WaterGEMS properties window.


The steps above describe the process for opening a WaterGEMs model that has not already been opened in WaterGEMS for ArcMap and associated with an .MXD file. This might occur when you have created or received a model in WaterGEMS Standalone, WaterGEMS for AutoCAD, or WaterGEMs for Microstation and are opening it for the first time in WaterGEMS for ArcMap.

Your WaterGEMS model must be saved in V8 XM or V8i format already (.wtg file). If you are trying to open a WaterCAD V7 (or earlier) model, you must first open it in the Standalone platform of WaterGEMS V8i and save it in V8i format.

After saving your hydraulic model and MXD file, the next time you open the project, you would open the MXD file in ArcMap, open the Hydraulic Model Manager from the WaterGEMS menu, then select the button to Open the hydraulic model. See related article below.

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