Flushing error message - Flushing event order duplicates at least one other flushing event

Applies To 
Product(s): WaterGEMS, WaterCAD
Version(s): V8i SELECTseries 4 and later
Area:  Modeling
Original Author: Scott Kampa, Bentley Technical Support Group


After adding a flushing event and running the flushing module (for all events) I receive the following message:

"Flushing event order duplicates at least one other flushing event". 

If I delete any event then I receive no notification.  However, once I add another event I get the same message. 


This issue may be related to an issue with one of the report files. Try copying the .WTG and .WTG.SQLite files to a new folder location. Reopen the model from the new location to see if the issue still occurs. You can also try deleting output and report files (.OUT and .RPC).

CONNECT Edition - this issue was also reported in version, and was resolved in a patch to that version (which was also included in version and above). However, the patch may only prevent future occurrences and the model impacted by this issue may need manual fixing by Technical Support.

A similar issue has also been seen in version but when validating the model, and with the following additional user notification appearing when computing all events in the flushing Area:

"More than one flushing event has the same order index so flushing order may not be correct and this may affect flushing results. Please run a full validation for more information."

In this case, the issue was found to be due to one or more events having a duplicate Order Index value. This index is an internally-stored number indicating the order of the flushing event in an Area. In some rare cases, multiple events may have duplicate order index values, which means the program does not know the correct order of events, and hence you encounter a user notification message when computing the entire Area. To resolve this issue, you must identify, delete and recreate the events with the duplicate order Index number. We recommend sending your model to Technical Support (post on our Forum) to perform this, but if care is taken, you can use the third-party application SQLITE Expert Personal to do this:

1) Back up your model!

2) Open the model's .WTG.SQLITE file in SQLITE Expert Personal

3) Open the table "Flushing Event", sort by the column "FlushingEvent_OrderIndex" and locate any instances where the value is the same for multiple rows. Note the "SupportElementID" for those rows, and the respective order index number.

4) Open the table called "HMIModelingElement" and use the find function (if needed) to look at the "SupportElementIDs" that you had noted, in the column "ElementID". Note the "Label" shown for these, which indicates the label of the flushing event.

5) In the model, delete all but one flushing event for each order index number that you found had multiple rows.

6) Recreate those events and re-order as needed (right click > shift up/down) and try again

It is uncertain what causes a model to get into this bad state (duplicate order index) but it may have been a problem in an older version that has since been fixed (but the duplicate entries persist in the model database).

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