Results Not Saved - message when computing a model in version 5.6

Product(s): SewerCAD, StormCAD
Version(s): 5.6
Area: Output and Reporting


Results Not Saved - Warning--Results Not Saved Error when Pressing GO.


The error is due to insufficient RAM. Result files (.out) are saved only if there is some enough memory (RAM) on computer. Please try following.

1) Close other open programs such as AutoCAD or Microstation.

2) Close the program, delete the output files (.out, .rst and .rpc, with the same base file name of your model) and reopen the model

3) Reboot your computer and Open/Run your StormCAD model before opening any other programs

4) Allow the program to access extended memory by following these steps:

-Make sure the program is closed.

-Make sure your computer has at least 1GB of RAM

-Using windows explorer, browse to the software's program directory. The default should be C:\Program Files\Bentley\StormCAD\

-Be sure that you have file extensions turned on. You can turn them on by going to Tools > folder options > View and make sure that "hide extensions for known file types" is unchecked.

-Rename the STMCsys.exe file to something similar to STMCsys_bak.exe

-Make a copy of the v10a.exe file and paste it into a different folder (such as the "samples" folder)

-Rename this file to "STMCsys.exe" and move it back to the main program directory (StormCAD).

-Open the program - you should now be able to utilize the full 1GB of memory.

-If you get an error about being out of address space, please follow these steps again, using "v10.exe" instead of "v10a.exe"

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