Where is the System Head Curve and Combination Pump Curve tools in HAMMER?

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  Product(s): HAMMER
  Version(s): CONNECT Edition, V8i


Where is the system head curve and combination pump curve tools in HAMMER?


HAMMER includes a subset of features and tools that are available in WaterGEMS and WaterCAD, because it is focused on transient simulations.

System Head curves and the combination pump curve tools are useful when performing the kinds of analysis that WaterGEMS and WaterCAD are intended for. For a transient model, it is assumed that the model is already set up with the right pump curves (such as from a model build in WaterGEMS). System head curves are typically used for pump selection, but HAMMER is not meant for that aspect of hydraulic modeling.

If you need to use these tools, you will need to use WaterGEMS or WaterCAD. The model file format is shared between these three products so as long as the version of HAMMER that the model was saved in is less than or equal to the version of WaterGEMS or WaterCAD, you can simply open the model directly.

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