License usage with AutoCAD integration

Applies To
Product(s): WaterCAD, SewerCAD, StormCAD,  PondPack
Version(s): 08.11.xx.xx, 10.xx.xx.xx
Environment: AutoCAD
Area: Licensing
Original Author: Jesse Dringoli, Bentley Technical Support Group

Problem Description

License usage reports show usage of the AutoCAD integrated license, yet the AutoCAD integrated mode was never opened.

For example, both a standalone and an AutoCAD license are available. Usage shows up for a license with "AutoCAD" in the feature level, the program was not used in AutoCAD integrated mode. Why doesn't it show usage of the Standalone license?


If the license feature configuration is set to one that includes AutoCAD (for example “Standalone, AutoCAD, MicroStation, 2000 pipes” for WaterCAD), then this license will always be used (and usage recorded against it), regardless of whether you are using the program in Standalone or AutoCAD integrated mode. Basically the AutoCAD “feature” is not something that is only “used” when the user opens the program in AutoCAD. Rather, if the user did decide to open the AutoCAD integrated version of the product (such as WaterCAD for AutoCAD), it checks the license to make sure that “AutoCAD” is included.

So, if you see usage for a license whose feature string says “Standalone, AutoCAD, MicroStation, 2000 pipes” for example, it just means that you had selected this as the feature configuration in the Feature Level Selector (CONNECT Licensing - used in version 10.02.00.XX and greater) or the Municipal License Administrator (SELECTserver licensing used in versions below 10.02.00.XX). It doesn’t indicate what platform (standalone vs. AutoCAD vs MicroStation, etc) you had actually used on that computer.

If for example you have two licenses of WaterCAD, one for standalone (feature string doesn’t mention AutoCAD) and the other for AutoCAD (feature string mentions AutoCAD), then you will need to be mindful of which of these two licenses is selected on a particular computer. So, on a computer where you don’t use AutoCAD for example, you should set it to the standalone WaterCAD license, so that usage is logged under that license. Note: the "standalone" platform is always available, and is explicitly listed in the feature level name, starting with the CONNECT Edition. So, by "standalone license", this refers to the one that does not mention "AutoCAD" in the feature level (for example "Standalone, MicroStation, 2000 Pipes".) On a computer where you may use the AutoCAD interface, you should set it to the WaterCAD license that includes AutoCAD in the feature level (so that you are able to open WaterCAD inside AutoCAD if you wish to, and so that it logs usage for that).

If for example you have two computers and two separate licenses, one for standalone and one including AutoCAD, if both of those computers had their feature level set to the same entry (for example the one with AutoCAD in the feature), then an overage (overusage) might be reported if both computers use the product within the same 10 minute interval. However, if one had the feature level set to the standalone license and the other was set to the license that includes AutoCAD, usage would be reported to the respective license and no overage would occur.

In the event that you have a similar situation like this with two separate licenses of the same product, you could consider combining the license into a single, multiple-seat license (contact your Bentley Account Manager for information.) This way, two computers could be using the same license (same feature level selected) without having to worry about overage.

(CONNECT Licensing)

(SELECTserver licensing)

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