How to view demand or load allocation after a Loadbuilder run?

Product(s): WaterGEMS, WaterCAD, SewerCAD, SewerGEMS
Version(s): 08.11.XX.XX, 10.XX.XX.XX
Area: Layout and Data Input


Is there any way to graphically view which node each customer demand was allocated to, after running Loadbuilder? (for example the Nearest Node method)

Problem ID#: 60689


Currently there is no direct way to graphically view the demand allocation after running Loadbuilder, and multiple loads of the same type (residential, commercial, etc) will be lumped together into a single load/demand entry in the load/demand collection of the assigned node.

The best way to determine this would be to look at the "HMINNODE" or "HMINLINK" field in your shapefile or geodatabase. After running loadbuilder, it creates this field in the data source to keep track of which node (the ID, not the label) each point was allocated to. So, you'd have to look at the ID of the node that the demand is on, then look up that ID in the HMINNODE field to see which point the demand came from.

Note that the main reason why loadbuilder creates this field is so that you can check the "use previous run" check box in loadbuilder, which tells it to use that "HMINNODE" and/or "HMINLINK" field instead of having to recalculate spatial proximity (for subsequent loadbuilder runs.)

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