Library is read only. Library cannot be edited.

Product(s): CulvertMaster, SewerGEMS
Version(s):, 08.11.XX.XX
Area: Other


When attempting to edit an engineering library for editing a section size or exporting user defined data, the following error occurs:

"This library file cannot be edited. It may be read-only or you may not have rights to its folder"


"The library is currently read only. Check that it is editable and try again"


This error may occur if the User is not having administrative rights to their computer.

The User needs to first check where the library files are located. The engineering library .hlb or .xml files normally need to be located in a place where you have full permissions to read/write.

If administrative rights are not granter to the User, then the local IT department's help might be needed to enable the User to have read/write access to the library folders.

In case the User is having administrative rights following troubleshooting steps can be performed;

  • Please right click on your CulvertMaster / SewerGEMS desktop shortcut, choose Properties and click the Compatibility Tab.
  • Ensure that the check box for "run as administrator" is checked. Click Apply > Ok, then run the CulvertMaster / SewerGEMS shortcut.
  • After accepting the Windows User Access Control dialog, CulvertMaster should open and you should be able to edit the libraries.

Note: If you see "Run as Administrator" after right clicking the desktop shortcut; you can click on it and run the program. It will perform the same function.

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